Update Samba supplimentary libs to the newer versions. That should address legacy Python dependencies for some non-Samba ports as well. This is usually an error. Want a good read? It could probably be generalized to all gcc-based targets, but that hasn’t been tested on other architectures. In cases where the error message was a stub, provide a real one.


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Privacy Forums Blog Contact. Update supplimentary Samba libs to the latest versions. Old versions of Samba were changed to depend on the legacy supplementary libraries, so if you need to install samba46, samba47 or samba48 over previous Samba installations you talloc-2.0.5.tar.gx to downgrade supplementary libs with the following commands: Fix to the coredump in the library code of the Samba libs. Effectively they are dependent now from Python 3. Update Samba supplimentary libraries, fixed new portlint errors, changed Python3 version knob.


A hierarchical pool based memory allocator with destructors. Want a good read?

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Remove its usage on powerpc and powerpc Upgrade relevant ports to the latest releases. We are installing this libraries separately, so they can be used by other ports. While here, pet portlint. Update relevant ports to the latest release and fix disappeared –prefix from the bsd.

talloc 2.0 series

On whatever reason configure requires gettext, although it’s not used anywhere in the resulting libs. This is usually an error. Follow us Blog Twitter Status page. Minor version update of tdb. Update Samba supplimentary libraries to the most recent versions.


It uses reference counting to determine when memory should be freed. That should address legacy Python dependencies for some non-Samba ports as well.

Jails IT Mastery Talloc-20.5.tar.gz Upgrade talloc to 2.

talloc.i – talloc () – Code Repositories

Bump port version to 2. Didn’t commit all the changes due wrong twlloc-2.0.5.tar.gz line. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. In cases where the error message was a stub, provide a real one. User Login Create account. Remove unused remnant of old patch, not needed since r Make sure that you talloc-2.0.5.twr.gz compile all supplimentary ports without Python bindings. Upgrade Samba supplimentary ports to the new build system.


To introduce samba we deliberately skip samba49 due the complexity of handling and to drop dependency on deprecated Python 2.


This is routine update for the Talloc-2.0.5.tar.g supplimentary libraries, bumping them to the versions that commonly acceptable by recent Samba ports, in particular, samba It was harder to do for the Required section.

FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. There are no Conflicts Matches for this port.