English , French , German , Italian , Spanish. I don’t understand why changing the name of italian file from ita to eng, the subs don’t appear. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Its hard to find a game that is exactly like it cause its premise is pretty different but depending on what you liked about it i can at least point you in a direction. March 23, , I have 2 games on my ds lite. Mar Heaven – Boukyaku no Clavia.

suikoden tierkreis rom ita

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Umm for the undubbed version, the moment you reach the magedom, the voices are out of sync.

Any games out there like Suikoden Tierkreis? – Nintendo DS Message Board for DS – GameFAQs

This game is great! March 11, Keep me logged in on this device. March 08, Link removed It works the same way of the tool u used, just use 2 fresh roms not patched or altered.

It’s called the Sync file something like that,note that it’s not directly called suikosilence and it’s via the link of someone else than the OP,it should be hosted at MegaUpload I read the italian tread, U are misunderstanding something. March 23, Or, if you want more portable turn-based JRPGs, you could check out: After that you move into a dorm with your own room and go everyday to school to learn magic while doing your everyday life and participating in events along the way.


suikoden tierkreis rom ita

Log in to submit a comment. Powered by SMF 1. I’m not new to this system. Tao – Mamono no Tou to Mahou no Tamago. I cannot believe no one has posted any comments about this fabulous game yet!

Suikoden – Tierkreis (Clone)

I just made this in some spare time and it’s not fully tested so i await feedback from u. END and you get nothing I made this patch, did u try my out?? March 16, The game ROM file comes in.

suikoden tierkreis rom ita

I need a table. What does it play like? March 09, If I set english files instead of italians, there are subs in movies, so in this mode, no problems. You are a new transfer student in the wizardry School. Zuikoden need to know how to see text in bin files.

– Suikoden – Tierkreis (EU)(Venom) – Nintendo DS(NDS) ROM Download

Do any of the Castlevania dom not use the touchscreen? I will go abroad for 2 months soon, maybe u got a solution by then or i will give it another try when i will be back. Mar Heaven – Boukyaku no Clavia. Raiken07 Download the suikosilence.


More topics from this board If you like life-sim games or a different type of Animal Crossingthis game is recommended as it takes a slightly more active approach to its gameplay and you can do almost the same things you do in AC but with magic to pass time while you wait for things to happen the only drawback in this game is that it is a bit more simple and straightforward than AC. Keep me suikocen in on this device Forgot your username or password?


suikoden tierkreis rom ita

Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Suikoden 5 are the games that effected my view of life, the best entertainment I’ve ever had, the humans best creation”. March 20, ,