Midnight, arranges a meeting between the twins and their estranged sister Porsche who has worried herself sick not knowing they were safe and perhaps, better off all along. The Siri character I knew was not a real person very early in the story. She undoes all of the female heroine’s achievements. I feel like that is such a juvenile word for her to use to often in her work. The dogs have put inside due to a bad thunderstorm. Asked to provide a synopsis, she declines.

porsche santiaga

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The Porsche Santiaga Story – Shepherd Express

When Winter walks away from her mother Porsche fights everything and everyone to pull her mother out of her addiction. The Porsche Santiaga Story’ is not a sequel lol – this book has very little to do with Winter, Porsche’s older sister. View all 8 comments.

porsche santiaga

I hated to love it. Porsche is very independent for a little girl, she meets Elisha in a upscale organic market when searching for spices to create a specialty dish Big Johnnie.

porsche santiaga

I feel like that is such a juvenile word for her to use to often in her work. It’s a beautiful story. Aug 20, Mowaver Wilburg rated it did not like it. A wonderful, porxche read.

A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story by Sister Souljah

Sweet, but far fetched. I should have learned my lesson from Midnight and its sequel Midnight and The Meaning of Love and not picked this one up. To ask other readers questions about A Deeper Love Insideplease sign up.


I wanted to give this book 3 porschd I really did, because, you know, I’m down with the Santiaga’s and and The Coldest Winter Ever was a show stopper I have to re-read this book for Sister Souljah’s compelling socio-political critique – I know it is here, she would not write a novel without it and I appreciate her for standing strong in her religious and moral values and not being afraid to put those thoughts on paper for America to explore.

View all 14 comments. Jan 10, Shanae rated it really liked it. Years are santiagx into nondescript paragraphs, major forensic details forgotten and essential characters appear and disappear as if Souljah has lost interest in them.

Porsche’s Turn: The Santiaga Family Saga Continues: Sister Souljah

However, with this story because the background is already laid out in TCWE we understand Porshe’s background story. But what ultimately disappointed me was that this wasn’t really a sequel, although the big characters are mentioned from The coldest Winter, they never come to fruition. Souljah does a tremendous job illustrating how the main character grows into womanhood and how she has the same savvy as her father and sister when it comes to making money.

Towards the end of the book she aged 3 years every chapter. They have a job to do and until the system is fixed they have to work like the rest of us.

Sep 03, Alana rated it it porscne amazing. It honestly could have been two totally different authors and I would believe it.


Souljah seemed to have an internal battle with Porsche in this book. You were transported into a very real world, and of course, Souljah caused this urban genre epidemic that cannot even compare to her novels. To subscribe, click here. To view it, click here. And since she didn’t it made siri’s entire “character” pointless to me.

There is much to discuss about this book. Survival on lock-down is hard, the girls on the inside hate Poesche for her long hair and airs that come with being the daughter of a drug porschr who controlled whole neighborhoods. I love how Porsche heals and found real love in Elisha, who loved and appreciated her deeply- a love she had been craving and working hard for, to no avail from her sister and mother. The book mainly focuses on how Porsche coped with being sent to juvy juvenile detention center after her family was separated by the porschw of her father who was a drug prsche.

The Porsche Santiaga Story on Amazon. I think this is going to turn off her audience that she gained with CWE.