Yu Dong 17 Estimated H-index: The results of the most recent studies presented in publications related to thermoforming such a We concentrate on the prediction of extension components in both machine- and cross-directions. This process has many advantages over other methods of producing these products, but it has some limitati In this paper was presented numerical simulation of the inflation phase of a thermoforming process under which a thin polymer sheet is deformed into a mould under the action of applied pressure. Pierpaolo Carlone 17 Estimated H-index: As a result, they are able to:.

polyflow software

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Finite element simulation of thermoforming processes for polymer sheets. You can take corrective action at the design or manufacturing phase, or both, to quickly and cost-effectively design lighter polyfow with better performance.

As a result, they are able to: The contact between parison and mould is handled by a robust algorithm which is also applied to moving moulds, for capturing the pinch-off. Using the Polyflow material library, you can investigate behavior of new plastics and elastomers for applications as diverse as extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, fiber spinning and film casting.

polyflow software

The results of the most recent studies presented in publications related to thermoforming such a Computer simulation of thermoforming process sftware its verification using a Rapid Tooling mould. Users can simulate the extrusion process and automatically perform die shape sovtware.

A fluid membrane element is presented for the blow moulding simulation of a geometrically complex gas tank. Optimization and Design Exploration Designing equipment and processes for best results involves evaluating multiple designs and optimizing flow and geometric parameters.


Accurate modeling of high-temperature processes, such as glass forming, requires the use softwqre advanced nonlinear material properties, accurate radiation prediction using, for example, the discrete ordinate radiation model and the Narayanaswamy model that accounts for material stress relaxation during the cooling process.

You can reverse-design a resin to maximize end-product performance while minimizing costs and environmental impact.

An industrial thermoforming simulation with regard to automotive plastic fuel tanks is presented including all relevant process stages. The results of computer simulation of thermoforming process made using ANSYS Polyflow software are presented in this paper.

polyflow software

Deploying virtual prototyping using Polyflow enables you to model the package manufacturing process. We present a softwate simulation for the blow molding of an industrial high density polyethylene part.

Two cases of blowing sheet were considered.

polyflow software

Polyflow accelerates design while shrinking energy and raw material demands to make your manufacturing processes more cost-effective and po,yflow sustainable. Published on Dec 1, in Polymer-plastics Technology and Engineering 1.

ANSYS Polyflow: CFD for Extrusion, Forming & Molding

The radiative and conductive heat transfer during the reheat stage, the deformation and stress behaviour during the forming stage, and the final cooling stage are simulated. Hossein Hosseini 6 Estimated H-index: Warby 11 Estimated H-index: Fundamentals of Plastics Thermoforming. See how our customers are using our software: Abstract The process of heating and reshaping plastics sheet and film materials osftware been in use since the beginning of the plastics industry.


The modelling of the thermal and rheological behaviour of the involved material is investigated po,yflow greater detail. Thermoplastic sheet is modelled according to the membrane formulation.

Polyflow includes native fluid—structure interaction FSI to model thermomechanical interactions between flowing materials and surrounding solids in a fully coupled approach. This process is described by a set of softwaree As a result, they are able to:. It has shown a good agreement of the deformation profi le with the experimental results.

Ansys polyflow software use to optimize the sheet thickness distribution in thermoforming process

Efficient design of a structural preform for a specific final polymer product needs to give its geometric form suitable thickness distribution in the different peripheral sites under polyflpw of the preform and the appropriate temperature field adapted to the blow ratio and the final geometry of the pr Published on Nov 1, in Applied Thermal Engineering 4.

Cutting Extrusion Die Design Costs By reducing the number of trial-and-error prototypes, simulation can save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in designing PVC extrusion dies.

By means of experimental data it is found that modelling of the phase trans