First, a bunch of drum sounds and drum patterns were algorithmically generated. Standing Grand gives concert sound while saving space. Now that Chrome and most other browsers worth their weight in salt no longer support Flash due to its deprecation, is there any chance you guys are working on fixing MicroTonic Patternarium? For that reason alone, you should get over there and vote! A drum beat will play.


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So, what is the Patternarium? The only good way to discover it right now is through the web.

There are no comments. When Apple started the anti-flash crusade, I patternariuum really hoping Flash wouldn’t lose the battle. Yamaha brings wireless capabilities to desktop amps.


In fact, the Patternarium gives you the ability to use artificial intelligence to your advantage. Well, I’m glad to see that it’s at least being discussed still. Softube launches Monoment Bass virtual instrument for mix-ready bass Jun 11, It continuously generates new sounds and rhythms for MicroTonic through principles of evolution.

Thanks for chiming in.

Sonic Charge’s Patternarium introduces Darwin to drum beats

One-piece carbon fiber guitar goes rod-free. Now the system continuously spawns new generations of one thousand patterns, each being the descendent of two other patterns, which are chosen based on the number of thumbs up or thumbs down votes received by users of Patternarium.



It really does complete muTonic. The world’s most powerful cars: If it means anything, just know that all of us really love the service. Apple reinvents the cube with refurbished NYC store.

Tags Music Production Synthesizer. The upgrade will be free for all registered users.

Atmospheric Pulses and Ambiences Aug 22, They’re calling it a “giant collaborative patch randomizer,” and my explanation of that won’t fit in this summary. Soundpeats Truengine 2 dual-driver earbuds.


First up, we have created an online tool that we call The MicroTonic Patternarium. A drum beat will play.

Sonic Charge’s Patternarium introduces Darwin to drum beats

Then, they directed their servers to take this batch of loops and have them mate, and continue to generate new offsprings in the form of new beats. Sikorsky Combat Rescue Helicopter heads for production. The way I do it now is to have all the best of’s inside a single folder renamed a bit so I can keep track of where it came from, that way I can quickly browse to a nice pattern and instantly have it inside microtonic.


Childs has worn many hats. Basically, a while back, the geniuses over at Patternariim Charge chose several drum patterns.

Sonic Charge MicroTonic Patternarium, online collaborative patch randomizer for MicroTonic

Childs IV on Jun 13, in Review 0 comments. Sonic Charge has also announced that a new version of MicroTonic will be available as a beta soon. Sign in to post a comment. I’m sure they could hire someone to port it to HTML5, but that costs money for what is ultimately a free service that doesn’t really generate revenue.

Review: Patternarium by Sonic Charge: How Your Vote Can Change Beats Around The World

Tim originally came to New Atlas as a developer, much to the dismay of anyone who had to maintain, build on, or rewrite his code. SubLab sub-bass synthesizer plugin by Future Audio Workshop. Upon leaving the military G.