It is possible, for example, to receive two messages for the same hour if the radio clock corrects the time. The program can be run interactively from a console. WMR88 only stores the data on the PC software. I cannot see my data on my PC. WMR89 PC software generates.

oregon scientific wmr88 software

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The program is designed only for logging – not real-time display or data upload. The program logs the cumulative rainfall each day. It can also be run as a background service Windows or startup program Unix. Your PC might be in sleeping mode. The separate program wxmove a Perl script is included to help with moving data files from a memory stick or network drive to the hard disc of another computer. The name WxLogger derives from the common abbreviation WX for “weather conditions”.

Values are calculated for each logging interval, except rainfall which is totalled since the previous midnight.

The code is based on the discoveries by others of the weather station protocol. WMR88 only stores the data on the PC software.


For a steady data orgeon, turn off the sleeping mode on your PC. Customisation is possible by changing the following constants in the code “customisation” section:. Another difference is that rainfall is cumulative for each oregoj since midnight. Since this relies on the cumulative rainfall since the weather station rainfall memory was cleared, it is necessary to handle a clear while the program is running.

This is supported by the hidapi native library. Bug reports should be sent towho would also appreciate receiving any corrections or enhancements.

Oregon Scientific – Pro Weather Station Range

Right click the PC software icon and then select Open. When the program runs interactively, entering ‘0’ to ‘4’ will change the logging level from nothing to everything.

Note that a keyboard entry must be followed by Enter before it is processed. The log format scientifid be customised by changing method logMeasures. The program tries to cope with some unusual situations that can arise. You may switch to the other programs by clicking minimize button on the PC software window.

oregon scientific wmr88 software

Outdoor sensor data is followed by ‘! The time and date recorded on the PC software is different from the PC.


Up one level to Communications Utilities. On Linux, for example, this requires creating libhidapi. So why create yet another weather station program? See the interface specification for the details.

oregon scientific wmr88 software

It contains the following fields separated by one or more spaces. WMR88 PC software generates.

oregon scientific wmr88 software

Find the appropriate library file under the res directory and install it. WxLogger will probably therefore work for all of these weather stations, though not the WMR See the download page to obtain this program.

Virtual Weather Station Download Center

Oregon Scientific supply the Virtual Weather Station program. I cannot see my data on my PC. If an outdoor temperature has not been received and the weather station wind chill is invalid, the wind chill is set to zero which may result in the first such value being incorrect.