Copyright Kingthings Willow by Kevin King. I wanted to make a font with the simplest possible forms that I could use over and over again in font creator – like stick drawings – just lines, hence linear. It was originally designed with Willow from Buffy the vampire slayer in mind – it ended up as a decorated font – because I like making them. Kingthings Stirrup Detailed work on Tendrylle meant that I needed a break; and as I am mad, the break took the form of another font. Kingthings Wrecktangle Below, you will find some thoughts and information on my fonts. Kingthings Christmas Kingthings Christmas – Based on Kingthings Petrock – this is a display font and needs to be used at least an inch high to see any detail.

kingthings willow font

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Kingthings Versalis Kingthings Versalis – Both contained in the same font kinfthings, this font only contains capitals as they are supposed to be Versals – i. Kingthings Christmas Kingthings Christmas – Based on Kingthings Petrock – this is a display font and needs to be used at least an inch high to see any detail.

Kingthings Willow Font Download

Kingthings Piquenmeex Kingthings Pique’n’meex – A change is as good as a rest – fed up with detailed tweaking of foundation coming soon probably days more like! In Reaper man, my favourite book, there is a werewolf character called Lupine, I wanted to make a font for him and for Ludmilla Kingthings Xander Outline Exactly what is says on the tin – no more no less – I still hate that wil,ow are the same as each other in display faces?


kingthings willow font

Please email me at: Then I decided to release it as I liked what happened. Kingthings Serifique I suppose that eventually all font designers think something like “I really hate Times NEW Roman”, – and have a go at a standard serif face themselves Kingthings Extortion This font has taken a while to get right – I felt that ofnt supposed ransom note should at least try to look a little random – as if torn out and pasted down – hence no vont or lower case as such, just letters to interchange.

Eventualy I realised that I hadn’t finished one of the first fonts I started, a willod of the first Alphabet I learned to letter. Thanks for reading my fonts Info file. Kingthings Willow and Willowless These fonts started out very much different to how they ended up, Willow was based on a sheaf of willow twigs, with stars for added ‘twing! Tags decorative fancy gothic medieval ornate sparkly stars.

Kingthings Willowless Font

These doodles turned into Kingthings Xander and then Anne suggested an outline form because she can’t find one she likes – so here it is. Kingthings Petrock and Petrock Light. Was originally developed at Art College in – at the time it was called Roxanne and was hand drawn at an X height of about 4 inches – took weeks and weeks!

Kingthings Whizzbang Kingthings Whizzbang Started as an experiment and then folks wanted it completed Comments RogerSNelsson June 11, It’s a bit like the one willlow on the book cover.

Kingthings Willow

Kingthings Foundation Having made so many calligraphic fonts, I realised that I had a ‘hole’ and couldn’t quite put my finger on it Copyright Kingthings Willow by Kevin King. Trademark Kingthings Willow is a registered trademark of Kingthings.


They work well with my calligraphic fonts.

I hope you enjoy this daft font! It may not be the final version – and on the other hand, as things stand right now, if i never saw this font again it would be too soon – however, never say never You will need to use Character Map Or the much better Character Map Pro – available free on the webto access the image characters – although they should all be available on standard keyboards.

If you need plainer letters to go with it, it is based on Kinghtihgs Willowless, so you can mix it with that Please do not change my original font files.

Send Private Message Subject. Kingthings Wrecktangle I bought a book about cutting edge audio from the 70’s – after I stopped laughing, I made this font. Copyright Kingthings Willowless by Kevin King. I now use this letterform for most of the hand calligraphy that I still produce – just works for me – never can remember the uppercase ‘N’ though Well this one is mine and did what I wanted it for – I do like the Ray Larabie one though I wanted kongthings do kingthinge one just for me as I like the spiky look of it when set as solid text.

kingthings willow font