From around the web. Select a City Close. Meghana Raj’s girl-next-door act is laudable. Kirik Party is the story of a gang of mischievous students, lead by the protagonist Karna Rakshit Shetty , who has just joined an engineering college. Meghana Raj slams the ice-bucket challenge. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

kannada bahuparak movie trailer

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Bahuparak Trailers and Videos

Conflict between the interests of the lead role. Suni’s Movie has come out as one of those cult classic’s. Will Mauni be able to quench his insatiable thirst for power? Whereas Mauni reaches the highest echelons of power, however, his greed for power soon reaches unfathomable positions.

Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed. They are picked up by the police, where an movue offers them a choice. Browse free movies and TV series. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. A journalist sets out to uncover the truth behind an incident, through the perspectives of different people, unraveling how they and their lives are intertwined with it.


The story moves into a scene where the three main characters namely Manas, Mani, and Mauni, all played by Srinagar Kitty are introduced and each one starts narrating their life experiences.

Bahuparaak () – IMDb

Will Manas come out unscathed? While the major part of the songs are penned by director Suni himself, the soundtrack also features a popular folk song written by Shishunala Sharif. The story takes a critical turn at the point where, Manas, caught in the love triangle between Sneha and Preethi. Search for ” Bahuparaak ” on Amazon.

Its neither an experimental subject nor a formula based film. How their lives are linked forms the rest of the story.

kannada bahuparak movie trailer

Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. Mouni also wants to produce the film Gedde Gelthiv. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meghana Raj to sing again. Full Cast and Crew. Start your free trial.

Main Zaroor Aaunga 1. Songs too are good,good background score. But its so good that it’s not for normal Kannada fans to follow.

Either go to jail for a long time or take the blame for a murder they didn’t commit, and get out on bail. From around the web. Suddenly, we are introduced to Preethi Meghana Rajthe twin sister of Sneha.


Bahuparak – Wikipedia

Operation Alamelamma is a crime comedy feature film. Full marks to Manohar Joshi for his brilliant camera work. Just when Manas decides to propose Sneha, her twin sister, Preethi, enters their lives causing further turmoil in Manas’s life.

kannada bahuparak movie trailer

The story, now being told in three distinct tracks, switches to the point where Mani is introduced. He meets a friend named Mohan, who takes him in and helps him to etch out a living. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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