Delineating Watersheds for existing points eg. This function creates a grid of stream segments that have a unique identification. Use the Sketch tool to define the blocked obstruction, save edits and stop editing. Stream Grid file name: Leave the other options unchanged. For example, areas behind bridge abutments representing contraction and expansion zones can be considered as ineffective flow areas.

archydro arcgis 10

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The ArcHydro tools have two main objectives. Some of the features require the SpatialAnalyst extension. Flow Direction Grid This function computes the flow direction for a given grid. Before we move forward let us make sure that the reaches we just created are connected, and populate the remaining attributes of the River feature class.

You can select the Single Location tab to see the effect of points removal on the cross-sections.

archydro arcgis 10

Subwatersheds delineated from a set of points are therefore by definition non overlapping because the watershed atchydro to a point that is within another watershed is excluded from the subwatershed of the downstream point. Arc Hydro Terrain Preprocessing should be performed in sequential order. Accept the default 20 map units for Rasterization Cell Size.

Click Yes on the message box. You can use select by attributes option to do this. Besides these attributes, you must enter additional information about the bridge s such as the name and width in its attribute table as shown below.


To create the left and right flow paths in Flowpaths feature classstart editing, and choose Create New Feature as the Task, and Flowpaths as the Target as shown below: Obstructions represent blocked flow areas areas with no water and no flow.

Arc Hydro Groundwater 3.4

Upon successful completion of the process, the Catchment grid Cat is added to the map. The refinement of flood inundation results to create a hydraulically correct output is not covered in this tutorial – this is an iterative process requiring several iterations between GIS and HECRAS.

Also you need to make sure the name and description match with each other.

archydro arcgis 10

This function computes the flow accumulation grid that contains the accumulated number of cells upstream of a cell, for each cell in the input grid. These are no longer used starting with this version of Arc Hydro Groundwater. Raw DEM file name: Fill sinks Dem recond. Confirm arvgis the inputs are as below. You now have a very useful dataset for use in several hydrologic models and studies.

ArcHydro: how to model the water resources of a territory: 1-Install | Blog GIS & Territories

Retrieved from ” https: Similar to Ineffective flow areas, the positions and elevations of the intersection arhydro this obstruction with cross-sections needs to be stored in a table. For this exercise we will choose the one with maximum flow PF3and accept the default export options.


Stream Grid file name: The output is the Flow Accumulation Grid having a default name of Fac that can be overwritten. I looked online and found the answer some Hi, I have a batch point file with points on cells of the stream data points of interest.

Objective methods for the selection of the stream delineation threshold to derive the highest resolution network consistent arctis geomorphological river network properties have been developed and implemented in the TauDEM software http: Enter hypothetical flow conditions for these profiles as shown below:.

I am using ArcHydro14 in ArcMap 9. One way to deal with sliver polygons is to assign missing values to all features. You can keep whatever legend you like. The resulting attribute table should look like below: